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Our engineers at Quality MICA are experts in building homes and our team consist of professionals who have expertise in various aspects of the construction industry.

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We are committed to excelling in design and other development projects. Our team follows a collaborative approach which will provide a top quality aesthetic.

Carpentry & Flooring

We also excel in carpentry and flooring to give your property a perfect finish.

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Our company is run by a group of qualified professionals who have years of experience in the construction industry.

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  • Like any surface, have to be cleaned to maintain its look and feel. Floors become dirty easily as they collect dust particles and other microscopic organisms. There is a need to vacuum your floors since the dirt on the floors regularly can cause health problems to the family thus may result in high replacement costs. To have a better idea about vacuum cleaners in sites like vacuum hub. People don’t always give it the proper attention it requires. Below are some of the significant reasons why your home has to be cleaned weekly:

    1.Home hygiene.

    A few sweeps with the vacuum removes dust and microscopic particles which prevents them from accumulating. It also gets rid unwanted particles that get stuck in the carpet which results in a cleaner home and overall environment.

     2.Prolongs carpet life

    . Regular upkeep helps keep the carpet look newer for a long. Routine vacuuming will help your carpet look fresh and last longer. Not vacuuming may cause dust and dirt build-up, which can slowly destroy your carpet, as well as make it look ugly and unappealing. Dust and dirt can be especially menacing on a light colored carpet, as browning can occur and make it look old and unattractive. Preserve the look and lifespan of your carpet by making sure that you vacuum it regularly. Vacuuming removes the dust particles which grind into the carpet fibers hence it prevents its destruction.

    3. Improves overall family health.

    Although the air in your house may smell fresh and feel clean, there are plenty of tiny microscopic particles always floating around. These tend to contribute to a considerable number of breathing-related health issues and. Allergic and asthmatic people tend to be particularly prone to these nuisances. Regular cleaning eliminates these particles and reduces the risk of infection.

     4. Pest control on pets.

    Regular vacuuming prevents the manifestation of pests in the carpet and also keeps the pets from getting disease infection. In the long run, it helps in saving money which would otherwise have been used at the veterinary.

    5. Improves psychology.

    Surprise visits are one of today’s realities. Clean and healthy homes have the most active people. The clean carpets boost one's self-confidence since when one host's visitors and they comment on the cleanliness of the house, it makes one feel appreciated. Cleanliness gives one happiness when one completes what he/she had intended and is a major mood-boosters. Moreover, studies show that a clean environment has a positive psychological impact over its habitats.

     6. Minimize the cost of professional cleaning.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mG6XVHSGQs By maintaining clean homes, you can prolong the carpet life and reduce the length of the procedures performed by specialized companies. These, in turn, helps save a lot of money which can be directed to other essential activities. The above reasons are why you should always vacuum home on a regular basis. Vacuuming is a crucial step in taking care of your carpet. If you love your home and overall hygiene, make sure to vacuum it regularly to keep it looking clean and fresh while maintaining its condition. Basically, every homeowner should vacuum their house weekly to maintain proper hygiene.

  • Construction software is an assortment of programs that carry out a variety of tasks in construction management processes. It streamlines daily tasks leading to efficiency in project delivery. The various tasks it carries out include engineering design, project management, project construction, structural design. The software creates document templates that are stored in the cloud drive which can be easily retrieved for use and there is no need for paperwork that is easily lost. This has a positive impact on the overall efficiency of the construction company. The following are pros and cons of using construction software.


    Client relationship management

    Construction software improves appropriate decision making that leads to good financial performance. This in turn leads to retention of customers and prospect conversion. It improves the project outlook to the prospective client and existing clients. It improves collaboration between related activities and hence helps the construction company decipher more out of the client data it generates.

    Revolutionize management

    Construction software introduces aptitude and fluidity which leads to change in management. This is in sync with the rapid transformation being experienced in the construction industry. The tools of construction software help boost staff morale reduce their stress and make them come up with good strategies to assist the company.

    Information management

    The software has control tools over content and document. Sensitive documents can be safely stored and retrieved when required. This reduces the risk of data loss and improves decision making. It has an integrated document organization that makes sure each part of the project is implemented. Analytics Software Construction software has an analytics component that deciphers more out of generated data. This has the following advantages: It speeds up making of a critical decision It reduces risks that arise from bad decision making. It makes the firm to be more well-organized and productive. It improves the accounting principles of the fir It reveals customer conversion and their performance improvement.

    Risk management

    The software provides tools that minimize threats and risks to the company. The construction environment has unique risks for different firms. Construction software is tailored to suit the needs of each firm hence can accurately assess future risks.

    Resource planning

    The software allows a firm to manage its resources efficiently. This is because it reduces wrong decisions that lead to low profit and delay in completion of projects. Strategically, resolutions that assist the firm advance are at hand. This allows the firm to have proper planning and hence be profitable and viable in future. The software assists in capitalizing on prospects and minimizes risks.

    Software Integration

    Various components of construction software are easily integrated. This makes information processing and management to be easy, promotes efficient decision making and high-quality overall administration.


    High cost

    Construction software is expensive to acquire from software developers vendors. Implementation and maintenance expenses are high. The software comes in diverse modules which inflates the cost.


    The program is complex:

    The staff will consume time learning how to effectively use it. It will require taking the staff through a training program that will cost money. It has a poorly designed interface that is difficult to navigate.

    Construction management vs. Execution

    A task programmed by the software has to be carried out. Overreliance on the system leads to a delay in implementation which results in a project not being finished on time.

    Control the right to use

    Because of multiple users, you have to constantly change control settings for access. Failing to do so will result in the exposure of sensitive information on the project.


    A critical assessment of the Pros and Con of Construction software reveals that the pros far outweigh the cons. The software brings all the components of a firm’s management under one roof. A modern construction firm needs to be efficient and have a proper management structure to have a competitive edge in the industry. The software provides all these by aligning a firm’s goal and requirements.

  • In today's budget wise economy we first look at the price tag before getting into the features of the product we're interested in. Vacuum cleaners come in different prices and features. Budget is not the only reason to look for the pros and cons of cheap vacuum cleaners. Cheap doesn't always mean less featured and expensive doesn't guarantee great features. If proper research is done before buying you can get the best cheap rated vacuum. Even if you can afford the expensive vacuum cleaners you can save some dollars by going for a relatively cheaper vacuum cleaner that can work the same as the expensive one. Here are the reasons as to why you should and maybe you shouldn't buy a cheap vacuum. .The Pros of Cheap Vacuum Cleaner

    1. You save money in the now
    Getting a cheap vacuum cleaner saves you some dollars. There are some vacuum cleaners which are not expensive because they can do a great job but their brand. You can get a relatively cheaper vacuum cleaner that can even perform better than the expensive one.
    1. The portable and lightweight vacuum cleaners are cheap
    If you're looking for a vac under $200 or even $100 most probably you will get a portable one that isn't design rich. Portable vacs are great especially if you're looking to clean quick mess at home or in your car. Handheld-Vacuum-Cleaner
    1. Both cheap and expensive vacuum cleaners can break
    An expensive vacuum cleaner can break and when it does the cost of replacing it is higher than replacing a cheap vac. A cheap vac can be replaced without having to break the banks.
    1. Cheap vac are streamlined for specific jobs
    Due to their minimal attachments, design, additional features, and accessories budget vacs are designed for a specific job. The handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning upholstery, cleaning spot messes, and cleaning the interior of a car.
    1. You can own more than one
    Due to their job-specific nature and small size, you can own more than one. Since they're affordable you can have different vacuum cleaners for different tasks. The Cons of Cheap Vacuum Cleaner
    1. When the initial cost of purchasing a cheap vacuum cleaner is low you may end up spending a lot on its maintenance and repair.handheld-vacuum
    2. Cheap vacuum cleaners are not good for deep cleaning. Due to their lightweight nature, they deliver lightweight results. If you need a powerful cleaner for your whole home cleaning needs don't go for tools under $100.
    3. Cheap vacuum cleaner breaks sooner as compared to the expensive vacs. The cost of maintenance and repair is higher for cheap tools. A cheap vacuum cleaner calls for repair and a replacement quickly as compared to the expensive vacuum cleaner.
    4. Cheap vacuum cleaners are job specific and not for the total house cleaning needs. The cheap vacuum cleaners have limited uses while most of the expensive vacuum cleaners can perform all the house cleaning tasks.5. Owning more than one vac for the different tasks can be expensive especially when it comes to maintenance. The total amount spent on acquiring the different vacuum cleaners can be higher than the cost of an all-in-one vacuum cleaner.

  • Granite Granite is a naturally occurring stone and is very popular in India. It has a very shiny texture and adds sophistication to the house; it also has very bright colours which will go with any of your décors. The benefits of granite are that it is stain resistant and durable, it lasts for a long time, and dirt and spills can be easily cleaned. The problem with granite is that it is a scratch magnet and loses its shimmer pretty quickly. The cost of granite varies from size to colour and location it was quarried from. Waterproof Flooring For a considerable length of time, the tile was your only waterproof flooring alternative. Be that as it is! It's 2018, that implies you would now be able to buy waterproof vinyl, laminate and even carpet. This new component is a fantasy for occupied homeowners, families and pet owners. This helps in rotting of the floor and prevent any puddles on the floor. Due to its ability to repel water, it will easy to clean the dirt’s away. Carpet Carpets are one of the oldest elements in this list. They have a very fur-like feel to its and varies from soft to hard. The quality and pricing of the carpets range from colouration, tone and plushness. The advantage of carpet is that it helps in to provide a premium feel and unmatched comfort, but the problem is the difficulty to clean and maintain it. Laminated Floor There are such a significant number of phenomenal alternatives in the laminate flooring world that were not accessible to us even ten years back. The hottest styles that we see are lighter hues, wider planks and forms that resemble wood with a natural surface. Laminate has progressed significantly since it initially turned out and the vast majority can't disclose to it isn't genuine. To the extent what's in store in 2018, lighter wood styles are on the ascent, alongside planks that closely resemble wood. The surface in laminate flooring is likewise enhancing altogether, and I find that property holders love the look and feel of laminates with profundity and furrow. We similarly like that as the procedure of laminate turns out to be more streamlined and sustainable, numerous mortgage holders will quit genuine wood alternatives and pick the more eco-accommodating choice of the laminate. Cork Cork is one of the easiest and cheapest flooring trends. Cork is soft and absorbs most of the sound and moisture, not even fungus or antimicrobe. The downside is that it will fade it time due to overuse and slowly become yellow. Wide Plank Flooring Shorter planks fetch little amounts during resale and are stigmatised by being old fashioned. This is why Wide Plank Footing became popular, due to it is minimal and reliable design and formation.

  • Building your new home is an energizing and now and again overwhelming experience, yet for your developer, it is exceptionally normal, which is the reason you should be a functioning member in all parts of the home building procedure to guarantee you wind up with "YOUR" dream home. Building your new home can't be a passive exercise, in light of the fact that there are such a large number of choices that "must be" made by you. On the off chance that you can't or unwilling to settle on these choices, you will constrain your developer to make them and run the hazard that your new home won't turn out the way you imagined it or cost what you thought.

    1. Figure out the budget- Before you begin building your new home, run a few numbers to decide if you can bear to manufacture the home you need. Most house designs offer a cost to fabricate device (ordinarily for an ostensible expense) to give you an exact estimate of construction costs in view of where you're building. The numbers incorporate the expenses of construction, tax reductions, stores for the initial instalment and slush account, and other related estimations.
    Once you've decided you can afford to fabricate the house you need — buy your home arrangement and go to the bank to mastermind financing. Remember that home construction loaning is somewhat not the same as consistent mortgage financing.  
    1. Check the reputation of your builder- Numerous developers are out there, however, not all are made an equivalent. Complete a little research to discover which developers have the best notoriety. Regardless of whether you scan for data on the web or get proposals from your family and companions, see if a manufacturer is regarded for doing quality function and also being timely.
    2. Build with resale in mind- Regardless of the amount you cherish the house that you are building, it's improbable that it will be the last home you will ever possess. Realizing that, you ought to be aware of its potential resale esteem. Try not to include such a large number of redesigns that you overrate your home for the area. Furthermore, don't pick anything too strange. Inquire as to whether the highlights you're thinking about introducing are likely going to speak to others.
    3. Think green- Ensure you do your examination to maximize energy-efficiency in the design of your new home. Your engineer and manufacturer can help guarantee that your windows are South-confronting so you get however much daylight as could reasonably be expected to warm your home. You'll need to ensures that washrooms, laundries and carports are on the south side of your home and have little windows to limit warm misfortune. Invest time picking your protection and HVAC frameworks, and additionally vitality effective apparatuses and WaterSense spigots and toilets.

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